Wednesday, April 09, 2003

We won the battle

I don't really think we can dignify the police action in Iraq as a "war". Though it serves as an excellent opening salvo in the neo-imperialist imposition of the rule of Halliburton.

Robert Fisk's latest

"Yes, they all say the war will be over soon. There will be a homecoming no doubt for Corporal Breeze and I suppose I admired his innocence despite the deadly realities that await America in this dangerous, cruel land. For even as the marine tanks thrashed and ground down the highway, there were men and women who saw them and stood, the women scarved, the men observing the soldiers with the most acute attention, who spoke of their fear for the future, who talked of how Iraq could never be ruled by foreigners.

"You'll see the celebrations and we will be happy Saddam has gone," one of them said to me. "But we will then want to rid ourselves of the Americans and we will want to keep our oil and there will be resistance and then they will call us "terrorists". Nor did the Americans look happy "liberators". They pointed their rifles at the pavements and screamed at motorists to stop – one who did not, an old man in an old car, was shot in the head in front of two French journalists.

The war-supporters are gloating now. I ask them - do you know what is going on in Afghanistan right now? Do you know that the Taliban is resurgent, Al-Qaeda travels freely, and the country outside of downtown Kabul is in a condition of anarchy? Ah, yes, such is the fallout of our last little adventure in this part of the world.

Now Rummy is eyeing Syria, and will offer the argument that obviously the weapons of mass destructions we KNOW Saddam had (How do we know? Because we sold them to him!) must have been smuggled into Syria. And when we lay waste that ancient nation (and find nothing), well, we will just have to go blast apart Iran, because them weapons have to be somewhere, and we know all them A-rabs are just the same (except for the loyal leaders of Saudi Arabia who would never do us harm. We'll just ignore where Osama bin Laden gets most of his funding...) and so on in a vast shell game.

But, by God, in the name of God, we WON! We won! We won! No, fools, we and the rest of humanity have lost.


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