Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Race to the Bottom

US politics gets uglier by the day, even by the hour, as the fascist wing realizes it is losing out in public opinion. In Texas, the statehouse is threatening a forced redistricting of the entire state, effectively removing 5 or 6 elected representatives from office, just as soon as they can arrest 11 AWOL senators, drag them back to Austin and physically lock them in their offices so they can claim a quorum for their anti-democratic voting.

California appears to be coming out of its drug haze and realizing that, gee, maybe the recall wasn't such a good idea. Bustmante leads Ah-nold the Idiot, and Gray Davis's numbers keep rising. The AFL-CIO just came out strongly against the recall. You mean saying old lines from second rate movies won't solve the budget problem? Whoda thunk it....

There are now more soldiers dead since end of hostilities was declared than were killed during the invasion, and there is no end in sight. Duhbya seems to think that the UN owes him to come pull his ass out of the fire by sending in *their* men and women to get their asses shot off - but all under US command and direction. Oh, right.

That's a tough one, actually. I don't think anything less than a strong UN presence can restore something resembling normalcy to Iraq and alleviate the ghastly conditions Iraqis are being forced to live under. OTOH, I really don't want to see the Unelected Fraud and his band of goons foist the real work off onto the UN, particularly after having shit all over the rest of the world to create this debacle in the first place. They are playing chicken with people's lives - c'mon and help, now. You don't want to see this little girl die of starvation due to our brutality, do you?

Fucking fascist bastards...


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