Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Think Different? No, Vote Strategic

I've finally figured out who leftist Naderite-wannabes remind me of.

Mac obsessives.

They aren't so much like the right-wing Nazi-wannabes because, unlike the wingnuts, they don't actually want to kill people.

Instead, the "left" (I put it in quotes because these people aren't serious about politics) wants to preen about what a cool apparatus they have sitting in front of them, one they can stroke compulsively and claim is morally superior. It's not enough to prefer their object of affection. They then want to blast the PC users out there, deriding them for being stupid enough to use such a broken and ugly and ineffectual apparatus, and explicitly linking them as willing collaborationists with the Evil Empire because they won't become comfortable upper-middle-class professionals like themselves and shell out the big bucks for pretty toys.

I read last night someone on one of the "leftist" blogs actually sneering that she couldn't just vote for Gore because he was too establishment.

Umm, and exactly *who*, pray tell, are you going to vote for? Oh, someone like Russ Feingold. I like Feingold. I wish I could call him, not Feinstein, my second senator. But he's not going to win a presidential election. Nor, frankly, does he have the deep wonk experience or international standing to pull this country out of the shit-hole the Rethuglicans have dropped it into.

The self-obsessed, "Mac Left" is going to cost the US a future because they can't stop thinking differently long enough to think strategically. They are solidly united with the wingnuts in the fervent belief that "liberals" are the problem, and seem intellectually incapable of distinguishing between political hacks like Lieberman and a political moderate like Kerry.

And, bouyed by their self-righteousness, they will sit out another election cycle when more moderate candidates win the primaries, or else bolt and vote for third party loonies. Hello? We need to get control of Congress? Yoo hoooooo, any sentient being inside that skull of yours? News flash - this is politics, not religion. It's called getting the work done, not worrying if Bill Gates picks up some spare change. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Apple does business in China, too. And all of your darling radical candidates will compromise their principles.

Anyone who says she just can't see herself voting for Al Gore, yet turns right around and howls about the depravity of the current adminsitration, thinks far, far too differently for me.

Time for a reboot.


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