Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Big Brother BS

Some Mac user with more time than brains hacked up the Apple "1984" ad and substituted Hillary Clinton's face for the Big Brother face in the ad. I'm honestly surprised it wasn't done before.

Where it gets interesting are the non-denial denials from the Obama campaign about it, including a totally lame excuse from the senator himself about his campaign not being able to afford to create something with production values that high. Oh, puh-leeeze. It's a farking YouTube mashup. There are no production values.

I for one firmly believe the Obama campaing did not create the video, if only because they know better than to dirty their hands directly. It was done by an Obama supporter/Hillary hater. What they have done is cynically ride the viral marketing wave produced by the video.

Sorry, Sen. Obama, if you want to run on the platform of being more squeaky-clean-than-thou, you needed to have loudly and aggressively condemned the ad from Day 1, not half-heartedly try to distance yourself from it days after it has been circulating. You must be and not just seem.

Hillary, on the other hand, has made a joke out of it, as well she should. It appeals only to those who already don't like her, and raises sympathy among those who dislike smear politics, not to mention pisses off people sick and tired of Mac peddling itself as the computer of the masses when it is the most elitist product line in the computing industry.

Ponder that for a minute.


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