Monday, January 05, 2009

And Who is Getting Vetted?

Slowly easing back into blogging, gang.

Thanks for all the replies on the previous post. I think people took the question a bit too literally. It was more about the political imagination and how the narrative of the campaign in the minds of the viewers was constructed. Both camps tried to control and channel the phenomenon, but neither were running that show.

Different topic now. So it appears good old Judas Richardson has some corruption scandal to deal with and he is withdrawing his name from consideration as a cabinet secretary. The Spousal Unit and I had placed bets as to who would be the first Precious appointee to bite the dust and we both said Richardson, but I had joked it would happen before the nomination was confirmed. Little did I know...

Hmm, maybe all cabinet appointees need to be vetted as thoroughly as Hillary. I realize that the Obama administration doesn't actually care about venality, corruption and hostile workplace environments, but it would make them look a little more competant if all their hoopla about wanting to avoid drama meant something besides public hazing of the Clintons.

Just a thought.


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