Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fiscal Sustainability is Fun!

Are you going to be in DC on April 28th? Then be sure to plan to attend the Fiscal Sustainability Teach-In to be held at:

800 21st St NW
Washington, DC, 20052

From 8:00 to 4:00 at George Washington University.

Why go? Here's a several reasons courtesy of Corrente's indefatigable lambert strether.

If you will not be in the area that day, perhaps you can spare some dollars to support the project. Click here for the ActBlue donation page.



Letsgetitdone said...

Thank you Anglachel. This is a great event to support. Certainly, something has to be done about the deficit hawks. And this Conference is a great place to learn about the myths, scares and lies we need to call them about. -- LetsGetItDone

Lake Lobos said...

I'll try to spend some time on campus (GWU), but I am on sabbatical and try to stay away as much as possible.

The depth of your contributions are badly missed. There is no other voice I am familiar with that comes close to your weight. Enjoy whatever you're enjoying.