Tuesday, September 28, 2004

When the truth will not go away

Danziger, as usual, gets it right:

Jeff Danziger cartoon of GOP mocking John Kerry's windsurfing in order to draw attention away from the dead US soldiers of Iraq. Please visit www.danzigercartoons.com for more of Jeff Danziger's work.

Please be sure to visit Jeff Danziger's cartoon site. There is much more than just this. There's an entire political education.

Why look at all the dead and maimed, why think about the triumph of the terrorists, why ponder the utter savage mendacity of the current administration, when we can laugh at a picture of John Kerry windsurfing? A sport the Chimperor's cocaine and alcohol damaged brain can't handle. Bush lives in a fantasyland, and the media helps to keep us all trapped in this madhouse with him.

Look, look, see the funny senator from Massachusetts try to talk intelligently about our rape and pillage of the national treasury! Silly, silly man!

But these bodies just keep showing up, and they are beginning to smell...


Kerry/Edwards 2004 - reality, it's a good thing

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