Saturday, September 15, 2007

Clark Endorses Clinton

Wes Clark endorsed Hillary Clinton for President:
Today, I am proud to announce my endorsement of Senator Hillary Clinton as President of the United States.

Senator Hillary Clinton has earned the support of millions of Americans in her campaign for president -- and today I am pleased to count myself among them. The world has reached a critical point, and we need a leader in the White House with the courage, intelligence and humility to navigate through many troubling challenges to our security at home and abroad. I believe Senator Clinton is that leader, and I whole-heartedly endorse her for President of the United States. Senator Clinton and I share a worldview in which diplomacy is the best first-strike tool in our arsenal; in today's complicated global system, the United States should be making more friends than enemies.

Never before have so many Americans had our well-being so closely tied to world events. Our economic and national security has become more complicated than ever before, and we deserve a leader who draws on wisdom, compassion, intelligence and moral courage -- in short, we need Hillary Clinton. She is tough but fair, a rock-solid leader equal to the many weighty challenges ahead of us.
I have to applaud Wes for stepping up early and putting his support behind Hillary. International relations - trade and diplomacy - are going to dwarf domestic policy for the next president. This doesn't mean domestic issues aren't important, but it means that there is going to have to be a division of labor between the Democratic White House and the Democratic Congress for the next decade. Pelosi and Reid are going to be responsible for keeping the Rethuglicans' paws off the nation and giving President Clinton some breathing room to get the utterly messed up international situation straightened out. She's going to need people in the administration who come with international credibility and standing. Wes Clark is one of those people.

Commenters across the blogosphere are tossing his name around for VP, which is cool by me, but don't lose sight of the value he can bring to the NSA post. National security has been shit on since C+ Augustus got installed, after all. I'm happy to see Clark in any significant position in the Hillary administration.

So, I'm sorry that this means for certain he's not going to run himself, but it's great to hear that he has endorsed the candidate I'm supporting. The netroots whiners who hate her for specious and psychopathic reasons won't care, but people who have not yet decided and aren't dupes for right-wing talking points now have another reason to give her their support.

Thanks, Wes.


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