Saturday, September 01, 2007

He's Gay. He's Also a Perv.

I'm rolling my eyes at the whining and kvetching by gay male posters across the blogosphere that somehow dipshit and general pervert Sen. Larry Craig was "set-up" or treated unfairly for soliciting sex in a public restroom.

Look, boys, will you put your dicks back in your pants and grow the fuck up?

  1. There is a difference between talking to someone over a drink in a bar and then going to find some cozy place to fuck and shoving your hands and feet into the bathroom stall next door while a stranger is trying to take a dump in peace, OK?
  2. No, you DON'T have a right to have sex in a public location. Really. It's called lewd and lacivious behavior. Getting away with it is not the same as having a right.
  3. We all know how proud you are of your ability to ejaculate, honest. We understand it feels, really, really, really good. But most of us learned sometime during adolescence and early adulthood that it's juvenile and more than a little pathetic to make jacking off the center of your existence. Your bleating that somehow it is "gay culture" to spend hours wandering around finding stangers for sex in public places makes most of us think "gay culture" is, well, dumb and in need of some change.
  4. There is such a thing as public decency. Someone who wanders around shoving his body parts into the next door bathroom stall to get the thrill of jacking off in public is a pervert. It has nothing to do with him being gay (or bi).
  5. It's like guys who rub up against women at sporting events or who cop feels on subways - yeah, some chicks get a thrill from it, but most of us just want to give you a swift knee in the nads. Nothing personal. THAT is the root of the revulsion aimed at Craig - he is trying to make someone else satisfy his desires. Don't underestimate how much of the sexual charge is coming from invading another person's boundaries.

While there's a shit load of homophobia surrounding Craig's case, I've got no problem with arresting perverts who solicit sex in public bathrooms. You don't want to get arrested for soliciting? Go to a bar. Don't be hitting on other guys of unknown sexual orientation in an airport bathroom for fuck's sake. Honestly, your pretty little balls won't explode if you don't get them off right then and there.



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