Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Cat Blogging!

Being green is being pet friendly. When we received a shipment of sink faucets, little did we know that we would also get a great cat toy. Instead of those annoying and environmentally hazardous plastic packing peanuts, our shipment was padded with lengths of crumpled brown paper.

The cat took one look at this and said "MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She jumped on it, she bit and clawed it, she tunneled through it, she shoved it all around the living room floor.

This was the best kitty toy evah.

How can you improve on yards and yards of crackling brown paper? Throw in an extra cardboard box. It is three days later and she is still playing with this. The box is her cave, and she merrily romps through the paper every few hours.

1 comment:

Nath said...

That is one *happy* cat:-)