Monday, October 22, 2007

Front Row at the Apocalypse

The really bad news that just showed up the news feeds is that the Santa Ana winds are expected to keep blowing through Thursday, which pretty much means there won't be any effective fire fighting until Friday. Fingers are crossed that the winds will lose force, if not direction, before then.

We're sitting inside of an arc of fire. Crews are trying to keep the northern Witch fire from joining up with the southern Harris fire through the back country. We haven't yet hit the destruction levels of the Cedar fire in terms of acres burned, buildings destroyed or (thank goodness) people killed and injured, and let's hope it stays that way.

The best news feeds are:
It really looks like the Witch fire will burn through all the way to the ocean at Del Mar. If the winds keep up, the Harris fire may do the same in Chula Vista.

All hotels are full in the area, shelters are almost full, and people in evacuation zones are being told to head to Orange County for safety.


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