Tuesday, November 13, 2007

John Edwards - Loserman

John Edwards has gone from being a bit of a fake to being utterly unsupportable in the space of 24 hours.

He's made horrible campaign choices from day one, and has pandered crudely to the other white bright-idea boys of the netroots. His much vaunted union support is tepid and fractured. He didn't win his own state last time around and he is polling worse in the south than Hillary, which is his inherent claim to power - I can win the NASCAR vote.

But I am seriously beginning to believe that he has been snookered by the Obama campaign and Joe Trippi, knows he is losing, and is determined to take down the "cause" of his abysmal showing - HRC. His bitter and petty statements today about not supporting Hillary should she win the nomination shows that Edwards is, at heart, just another privileged white boy getting mad at the bitch who made him look bad. Worse, he is playing right into the far-right's hands by doing the hatchet work on the single most popular candidate the Democrats have had since, well, Bill Clinton. The guy Edwards modeled himself on the first time around. The guy he was compared to by all the pundits. The guy he was supposed to emulate in a great successful sweep of the south.

Everyone knows the answer to the "Will you support...?" question. You laugh and say of course and you put the success of the party over your own ambitions.

John Edwards sounds like no one so much as Joe Lieberman threatening to bolt the party and act as a spoiler if the ingrates should vote for Ned Lamont. Bottom line - if there is an ego out of control in the campaign, it is Edwards, not HRC. He has a laughable record in politics, he talks a good line on some policy issues, but has never proved himself capable of dealing with a recalcitrant Congress (vs. HRC, who has spent many years building relationships), and he has zero credibility in international affairs. And now he's threatening to pull his voters if HRC gets nominated.



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