Friday, November 30, 2007

Just Curious

I watched the news about the Clinton campaign office hostage situation. I read one report which I can't locate now that he was due in court for a domestic violence charge (here is another news item), and his step-son said he had been drinking heavily. At first, I thought it was another batshit crazy misogynist out to kill females to ease his psychosis, but then a different story began seeping out, and now I am curious.

The guy who broke in wanted to talk to HRC about health insurance. He had been trying (or claims to have been trying) to get mental health care but couldn't pay for it. His behavior today and reports of erratic behavior in the past do point to someone who needs help. Why, of all the places he could have gone to try to make his case, did he chose her office? The Obama office was just a few doors down and the Edwards office a few blocks away, for example, and I imagine there were doctor's offices in the vicinity, maybe even a hospital.

So, why did he gravitate to HRC? Was it because he believed that she could get him help?
"I need to speak to Hillary Clinton," he said. "Something's got to change. Ordinary people need help" with their insurance.
I hope some intrepid reporter does a follow up on this.

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