Thursday, August 12, 2004


The Swift Boat "veterans" are such a bunch of political hacks, I can't believe anyone falls for their shit. Jeezus, they already have people rescinding their claims.

And the US is attacking the holy city of Najaf to weed out a punk who was never more than an irritation (until the US set him up to be a martyr), and we're now shelling a major graveyard (think of remains in various conditions being blown to bits and scattered over wide areas) and threatening the Shiite equivalent of the Holy Sepulchre. Yes, I think the Jeezus Freaks are very happy to have a religious war going, and that the White House relishes the idea of blowing up temples to "false gods".

Kerry/Edwards 2004

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Crying Wolf

So BushCo has announced another freaking false security alarm to boost his miserable poll numbers, have they? Have they never heard of the story of the boy who cried wolf? Of course, they would rather have mayhem than security. I really do think Al-Qaeda is trying like crazy to do another 9/11 in the US, or even a bombing like that in Madrid. Having the current US administration play games with our lives in the face of this very real threat makes me loathe the two-faced bastards even more.

Josh Marshall is just about to let a shoe drop. Keep an eye on his Talking Points Memeo blog, or even better on the Washington Monthly's web site. The are going to be interesting revelations of just who was invovled in forging the Niger documents to justify invading Iraq.

In other good news, Kerry continues to climb in the polls.

Kerry/Edwards & a bunch of thinking, honest, hard-working people in the White House instead of our current pack of theives and liars 2004.