Thursday, January 27, 2005

Spending Political Capital

Just a short quote from Frank Rich's new column in the New York Times:

Alas, there were no Fox News cameras to capture what may have been the week's most surreal "salute" to the troops, the "Heroes Red, White and Blue Inaugural Ball" attended by Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz. The event's celebrity stars included the Fox correspondent Geraldo Rivera, who had been booted from Iraq at the start of the war for compromising "operational security" by telling his viewers the position of the American troops he loves so much. He joked to the crowd that his deployment as an "overpaid" reporter was tantamount to that of an "underpaid hero" in battle. The attendees from Walter Reed and Bethesda Naval Hospital, some of whose long-term care must be picked up by private foundations because of government stinginess, responded with "deafening silence," reported Roxanne Roberts of The Washington Post. Ms. Roberts understandably left the party after the night's big act: Nile Rodgers and Chic sang the lyrics "Clap your hands, hoo!" and "Dance to the beat" to "a group of soldiers missing hands and legs."

Forget Armor. All You Need is Love.

You folks voted for this group of idiots. The suffering of these soldiers is due to your stupidity. You voted into office people who simply don't give a rat's ass that they are killing American citizens - and even more Iraqi citizens - for no other reason than to enrich themselves.

Bets on the US death count by the end of the year? On the US crippled and mained count?

Ironic, ain't it, that liberals care more about soldiers than conservatives.