Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Protests in Iran

I've got nothing to say about the Iranian election, only some links that people may find interesting:
  • Big Picture from the Boston Globe has large photos of the protests in Iran that may not be making it to the regular press pages. There are over a thousand comments to this photo gallery, mostly from Iran.
  • Lambert has posted a link on how to set up proxies to let Iranians get past their censors.
  • Be sure to read Charles Lemos' By the Fault. He has news and analysis of the Iranian events.
  • Pat Lang offers up a challenge.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

17 Years

It's a grey day here in San Diego, just like it was in Puyallup seventeen years ago when I turned the live-in into the spousal unit.

How will we celebrate? Well, he has to go pick up the laundry and I need to put gas in the car, plus there's a checkbook to balance, a garden to weed, dishes to wash and a floor to be swept. Tonight, it's spaghetti with friends as we admire how big their baby boy is getting.

Yeah, it's good.


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

RL Intrudes

New posts will be light the next week as I'm working on a major project that is taking up most of my evening hours.


PS - Someone asked what I was working on. I'm under a confidentiality agreement, but the broad outline is I'm part of a review panel looking at a large scale data integration and delivery project for a regional public-benefit agency in southern California. The project itself is worth several million dollars and will be quite an engineering feat. While reading systems integration proposals can be a mind-numbing task, I'm fascinated by the different approaches. The finalist group was selected today and we move on to more detailed reviews over the rest of the month.