Sunday, March 30, 2003

Betraying our soldiers

The miserable bastards.

Not only have Dubya and his war-and-wealth obsessed thugs started an unnecessary war, doing incalculable damage my nation in the eyes of the rest of the civilized world, not only have they LIED outright about the connection to Al Qaeda and whether Hussein's weapons actually exist, not only are they already handing off war-spoils to their business cronies (Halliburton, anyone?), they are screwing over the men and women whose lives they are putting in danger.

They are conducting this war according to how they want it to go, not how it needs to be fought. They are conducting this as a media event, not as a war, and my soldiers are paying for it in blood.

Yes - MY soldiers. That's MY army. Those are MY Marines. Trying to say that if I oppose this moronic war means I'm not "supporting our troops" is coming out as the worst of all the lies and deceptions Prince George has promulgated. You, sir, don't give a FUCK how many of these working-class people you kill. You treat them as you treated them in Viet Nam, where you avoided service (thanks you, Daddy for pulling strings so I could stay home and drink and snort coke!) and left the men without any political pull to go get their asses shot off.

So, as you don't care about them - you only care about looting the wealth of the nation and about being King - I am taking them back from you. They weren't yours to begin with, you opportunistic fuck-up. I am outraged when I listen to Rummy passing the buck for screwing over our soldiers - Tommy Franks! It was Tommy's idea to run the war this way!

You chicken hawks have put my soldiers in an impossible situation. You horribly miscalculated the Iraqis. You have sent too small a force to deal with a guerilla war situation, forcing them to conduct battles in urban areas where civilians are going to be killed. You have left them under-manned in the middle of an incredibly inhospitable environment. You have set them up not for failure but for atrocity.

Of course, now that we are there, we can't leave. Not now. My soldiers have to stay to save your sorry ass. To keep you from looking "weak".

And now the word is you want to bomb Baghdad flat. A city of 5 MILLION people - you want to kill them all. Just bomb it flat if they won't surrender. Oh, now, *that's* a great military and diplomatic policy. Or you want to send the soldiers into the city as it is - just like your Daddy sent Marines into Mogadishu. "Chicken-hawk Down."

Let us hope that the senior military in this country will oppose your stupid, self-interested, ignorant policies. War is conducted on the ground, one bullet at a time, not according to Richard Perle's grand fantasies of how it *should* go.

How many soldier's bodies is the Presidency worth, Dubya?


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