Thursday, June 26, 2003

One-Party, exploiting the name of God, Indivisible

Check out Paul Krugman's latest:

"In principle, Mexico's 1917 Constitution established a democratic political system. In practice, until very recently Mexico was a one-party state. While the ruling party employed intimidation and electoral fraud when necessary, mainly it kept control through patronage, cronyism and corruption. All powerful interest groups, including the media, were effectively part of the party's political machine.

Such systems aren't unknown here — think of Richard J. Daley's Chicago. But can it happen to Ithe United States as a whole? A forthcoming article in The Washington Monthly shows that the foundations for one-party rule are being laid right now.

In "Welcome to the Machine," Nicholas Confessore draws together stories usually reported in isolation — from the drive to privatize Medicare, to the pro-tax-cut fliers General Motors and Verizon recently included with the dividend checks mailed to shareholders, to the pro-war rallies organized by Clear Channel radio stations. As he points out, these are symptoms of the emergence of an unprecedented national political machine, one that is well on track to establishing one-party rule in America...."

Toward One-Party Rule - article now appears on t r u t h o u t

Yes, folks, there really *IS* a vast right-wing conspiracy, and it does matter who is running the country. George's friends, like Ken Delay, fuck you over (You do have a power bill, right?), and they walk off with the money and a slap on the wrist. Take a good look at the Enron scandel - that is how the Friends of George (the FOG) are going to rob you personally blind while they get stinking rich. They don't care about you, your house payments, your dentist bills, the price of prescription drugs, elder care for your parents, nada. This is not some highway boondoggle in Nebraska. This is the very immediate and personal robbing of the majority of people in the United States by a few fake-Xtians who think they are divinely ordained to rule.

Worried about terrorism? You should be. We aren't any more safe, and the world is getting more and more pissed with us. But, George and Uncle Dick are safe in their bunkers, so who cares if a few schmoes get killed? That will keep people all afraid and voting for more and more police actions & more and more "tough on crime" Rethuglicans. Why on earth does anyone who makes less than $1 million/year vote Republican? You are just screwing yourself.

At least Strom Thurmond is dead, that miserable, racist, corrupt bastard.


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