Thursday, August 07, 2003

What a Joke

So the Austrian weight-lifter is running for California governor.

What are the odds that he'll get it? Pretty good. The state is in hideous condition because of the Rethuglican fuck-over during the Enron price-gouging on energy, and what will happen? They will be rewarded with the governorship of the largest state because Ahn-nold will bring out stoopid people who just think it's cute to vote for the Terminator.

Just when I think the population is beginning to clue in to just how badly the Rethuglicans are screwing them, the public rejoices in the presence of another ass-hole fascist to vote for.

Ethical people will not use the bogus recall action to be rid of their political enemies, and the scum from the bottom of the sewage tank won't hesitate a second to use it at any opportunity. We have a "recall" process, people - it's called regular elections.

Diane Feinstein got it right when she said:

Additionally, it is now becoming apparent that there may well be dozens of candidates on the recall ballot, most of whom have no background or knowledge of the state’s enormous portfolio of issues -- whether it be the $99 billion budget, the numerous pieces of legislation awaiting signature or veto by the governor, or the thousands of pending appointments to critical judgeships and important state posts.

Indeed, few of these candidates know much about the law enforcement needs of the state or the security risks we face in the war against terror.

Few understand the myriad of challenges facing California’s public schools.

And, I would hazard a guess that if you asked these candidates what the Healthy Families program is, how it is funded, and how it benefits the state, the vast majority would have no idea what you are talking about. And that’s not to mention the enormously complicated Medicaid issues that face the state.

It matters who runs a bureaucracy. There are a lot of nuts and bolts to be managed. I'll take bland over incompetant, or fascistic, any day.


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