Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Over 1,000 US soldiers dead...

Several hundred coalition soldiers dead.

THOUSANDS of Iraqi citizens dead.

And many, many thousands more people crippled for life, maimed, wounded, and having their lives turned inside out and upside down, all for the sake of Shrub's election campaign. All conducted under the self-deluding fantasies of some "Meocons" (All mine, and it's OK if I con you) that guns can create "democracy" - or at least a regime amenable to US interests. Here's Jeff Danziger's take on it:

Jeff Danziger cartoon of US soldiers carrying a dead comrade and asking how to ask someone to be the thousandth to die for a political campaign. Please visit for more of Jeff Danziger's work.

See more of his cartoons at: Jeff Danziger Cartoons


Kerry/Edwards 2004

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