Sunday, October 17, 2004

There's Something About Mary

When John Kerry used Mary Cheney as an example of an out lesbian, one who is owed the full protection of the law, it was a little bit of a cheap shot, particularly in contrast to the more oblique treatment Sen. Edwards gave her the previous week. However, it was something that needed to be said. If anything, Kerry did not go far enough. He should have pounded home the fact that the Rethuglican party is the one who stirs up homophobia for the sake of electoral votes, even as they don't really think being gay is a problem. Assuming you have enough money, of course.

Then again, maybe Big John did just that.

The Rethug response, particularly from Lynne Cheney, has been nothing short of evil. Led by this woman, they are trying to portray Kerry as having called Mary something foul or criminal. The only way in which this could be true is if you are part of the shrinking minority of people in the US who think being homosexual is something horrible, a sin, "selfish hedonism" according Alan Keyes - who has an out lesbian daughter. By protesting that calling Mary a lesbian is doing her a wrong, you are arguing that to *be* a lesbian (or anything short of heterosexual) is wrong.

I think there is some discomfort among Kerry supporters that he was so deliberate in naming Mary. This is misplaced. Mary is not closeted and she actively uses her sexual orientation to gain high-profile employment. I wish Kerry/Edwards was flatly pro-gay rights. That I do criticize them for. However, it was overdue for the Rethugs to be called for their pandering.

Rethugs have no intention of passing a gay marriage ban. The upper leadership couldn't give a shit less if you fuck dead goats as long as you give them funds and votes. What they want to do is make the "assault on marriage" the next "killing the unborn" campaign. This is practised evil, because, in the end, they don't care *one way or the other* what happens to gays and lesbians in the US, because their true loyalty is to their own power. The VP from Wyoming does not need to worry about *his* homosexual child being beaten and crucified, left to die on a fence in Wyoming. Their money makes sure that she can live in security, escaping the brutal mass who understands nothing except kill what scares it.

Remember that. It isn't that Cheney/Bush hate fags; it is that they are indifferent to the fate of an oppressed minority and are happy to exploit hatred and cruelty to stay in power.

It's not something about Mary. It's something about protecting human rights and dignity.

Kerry/Edwards 2004 - protect human rights for all

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calmo said...

Watching Mrs. Cheney's head nod in approval ( Was it going to come right off?) as husband Dick changed his mind about the mention of Mary, I was struck by how over-done the measure was.
There's no 2 ways about this. They are going to have to take some acting lessons from Arnold to get the mileage they need.
When I saw the Edwards/Cheney clip played after this nonsense by a major media outlet, I felt a major shift to Kerry had just taken place. Hard to believe that the particular media management is question would not get atleast a phone call from the WH about what the hell that was for. It gave me hope.