Thursday, July 07, 2005

Feeling Safer - Not

While the California National Guard is investigating those dangerous grandmothers who protest against war:

U.S. probes possible spy functions of California National Guard unit

the real terrorists are murdering dozens in downtown London:

London rocked by terror attacks

Al-Qeada strikes again. You know, those guys not in Iraq who blew up the WTC?

So my government is spying on the legal activities of citizens, claiming they are aiding and abetting the GWOT, while the real terrorists run around free to act. Vital targets are unguarded, our Army is being ground to exhaustion in the sands of Iraq, and the Chimperor is running over people with his mountain bike.

And when the next bomb goes off in the US, the religious terrorists and bat-shit crazy wing-nuts will blame - "the libruls". That's like saying the guy trying to organize the neighborhood watch is aiding an d abetting a mugger while the cop who was supposed to be on the look-out for the mugger is off at Dunkin' Donuts getting free coffee, because the guy is undermining support for the cop.

It would be funny except that people are dying over this, and the Chimperor doesn't give a shit. He got his war on, and the people getting killed aren't him and his political donors, so why should he care?

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