Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ahnold Loses Big Time

The Gropenfuerher goes down to defeat!

Governing by mob rule only works whent there is a mob to be governed. The humiliating defeat of Arnold's "Screw the ordinary people" measures made for a very satisfying evening.

Perhaps now we can be free of the fantasy of having a second-rate movie star try to bully a working legislature into obeying his fascist whims? Yeah, a good section of America wants to live like drones (as long as the uppity women and darkies git their butts kicked, who cares about a little loss of civil liberties?), but the other 60% is not so amused by the idea of corporatist dictatorships.


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Celandine said...

I heard on NPR this morning that the four measures he was supporting all failed to pass. Woo hoo!