Sunday, April 30, 2006

How... convenient

Something to think about, particularly in light of Colbert's brilliant satire of the kabuki theatre that is the White House press room.

They rearranged the deck chairs on the Hindenburg, allowing Scott McClellan to spend more time with Andrew Card's children and putting good old Tony (Snowjob) Snow (Faux News) in as the new WH press secretary.

Then today, comes word from Truthout that Karl Rove is now a target, not a witness, in the Plame investigation. (Hat Tip, Shakespeare's Sister)

So, just as we're going to have the press wanting to have some answers from Scott McClellan about what kind of lying he was doing up there on the stage, surprise, surprise, he's not going to be there. All the speculation about why lil' Scottie had to go suddenly take on a new meaning.

There truly is nothing too shameless for these people to try, is there?


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