Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Silence of the Lambs

Foley has been propositioning and attempting to molest teenage boys for years. The Republican Party leadership (of whom he is one) have allowed him to continue (ahem) unmolested in his predatory pastime. Knowing he is stalking minors, they turn a blind eye and willingly go down the path to hell.

However, here's what is getting me. Other Republicans, staffers and congressional workers, also knew this pervert was trying to fuck boys. They warned kids not to go near the pedophile. Foley's congressional colleague, Brian Bilbray, currently up for reelection here in San Diego, knowingly sent a male page to the House to reward Republican donors. At least some parents of these kids KNEW this baby fucker was after their own son.

Did any of these scum sucking Republicans make a single move to protect these youngsters? No, they didn't. They tried to keep it hush-hush, tried to keep the moralizing face on their moral cesspool of a party. They offered up their children, allowing these kids to be preyed upon in the hopes of tax cuts and business deals, to further their own political careers and line their pockets.

Think about that. These people were happy to allow this miserable perv to fuck some intimidated minor so they could keep the money rolling in.

They are silent about the sacrifice of these lambs on the altar of power.


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