Monday, February 26, 2007

Netroots Blowback

As I predicted a year ago, a wounded but victorious Joe Lieberman would be one nasty son of a bitch to deal with in the Senate.

This is what "Nedrenaline" got us. This is what the criminal waste of money, time and energy won for the Democrats. This is what a few self-aggrandizing blogwhores did to an election year when we needed Democratic unity, not scorched-earth purge-the-party tactics.

Joe Lieberman is a shit-head. Period. He is also a senior senator in a safe seat enjoying majority support in his state. Unless there was a candidate to blow this backstabbing fucker out of the water, it was not a race to enter.

We could really use Harold Ford in the Senate right now, a solid party-line voter who would neutralize Lieberman. Come to think about it, we could have used more Democrats in both houses, and not watched a few people lose by razor thin margins, people often bashed savagely by the netroots left for not sucking up sufficiently to the most vicious, bullying, arbitrary and hate-spewing elements on the left.

But, no, the illiberal left had to go beat up a Southern black man as a tool of the vast underground DLC conspiracy and go promote some white-as-Wonderbread suburban guy with nothing but a fat wallet to recommend him as a viable competitor to Liberman. Like the right-wing Xtians you claim to revile, you would prefer to watch the hope perish than have to interact with people whose views are not quite to your taste.

And now you have Holy Joe bearing down on all your precious anti-war dreams with all guns blazing. Nice going, guys.


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