Thursday, April 05, 2007

HotK - Ch. 59: Exchange

For the fanfiction readers, on March 30th I posted a chapter for Hands of the King, Ch. 59 - Exchange. Click on the story title to go to the overview, click on the chapter name to go to the chapter.

2 of 2 Denethor POV's. Warning for brief but explicit sex scene.

Umbar looms on the horizon and Denethor must enter into a number of exchanges to get what he needs. Words, thoughts, lessons, promises, kisses, vows, blows and confessions. Some given, some taken, all have their price.

Significant scenes with Halmir, Finduilas, Thorongil, Brandir, Morwen, and Ecthelion.

This is the last chapter of Hands of the King that will be published for a while. I have not abandoned the story. To the contrary, I am currently writing the very last chapter.

I began writing this story in September of 2002. I had no idea when I began what a tale would need to be told. What was originally planned as a brief, 12 chapter break from my Shire series grew into this.

There are approximately 20 unpublished chapters of HotK that are being revised and put in final form. I hope to have this finished some time in May. After that I will be posting a chapter a week until all are available.


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