Friday, July 25, 2008

Feeling Like a Zombie

Nope, still not dead, though I'm feeling a bit like a zombie.

I've been inundated with technical support work the last few weeks (including conducting a 7 hour technical support call that wore out seven people on two continents before an elusive bug was finally cornered and exterminated) and have just wrapped up five straight days of repairing the damage of a malicious SQL injection attack on a site I support, plus armoring the place up against an expected second round.

In my spare hours, I've been working out my frustrations by digging up rocks in my yard. It becomes mindlessly soothing after a while, and make me nice and tired for a good night's sleep.

With John Edwards in the news these days, I have been reflecting on the theme of "Two Americas" and have applied a twist that more accurately reflects the two Americas within the Democratic Party - those whose bigotry and biases are excused because they are of the right class and those whose flaws are inexcusable, even when the flaws do not exist.

Let's just say it started with a friend who has gone from being a McCain supporter a year ago to being an Obamacan presently, and who uses very interesting Stevensonian coding to explain away his casual racism.

But at the moment, I'm tuckered out and need to get some sleep.


Cindy said...

You were one of the first blogs I read, back when Hillary was receiving some of the worst sexist attacks by Team Obama and others. You write beautifully and intelligently.
I'm glad you're still writing, keeping your hand in current campaign happenings, as well as keeping your hand in your plot of earth. And speaking of digging, the "Lucy" exhibit will be in Seattle in September. I highly recommend it. We saw her in Houston, and were awed by her. She's an amazing and historic woman, like Hillary!

gendergappers said...

I hear you. Tec snarls will do that to you but I'm glad you have discovered rock therapy - it's the greatest next to actually throwing them. :)

Anonymous said...

I hear ya Anglachel. Out here in Nevada it's tumbleweeds. I can beat myself to a pulp just trying to beat them back. And sometimes it helps Just Not To Think.

With the Obama World Tour™ in full swing I am just so disgusted that tumbleweeds look good by comparison.

I'm still blogging, but there is a part of me that is starting to resign myself to the insanity that is our political system.

pm317 said...

Hi Anglachel, here is a video I hadn't seen before (of course, the media would never show it) --

What is he trying to say? That he is surprised white people sang happy birthday (in his wildest dreams) and he spent July 4 in Butte, Montana of all places. How can he get away with saying things like this?

salmonrising said...

The only good aspect to BO campaigning for Preznit of Europe: I'm getting extra exercise from changing stations every time the adulation starts.

It's a sweet time here, harvesting strawberries, red raspberries, and 5 varieties of blueberries while fighting off scrub jays raising their brood next door. I don't mind sharing, but this crew is shamelessly greedy. I was still putting the first flash tape in place when a jay flew right between rows of tape to swipe an especially bright red strawberry....sigh

So every now and then (I vary the time to keep them off balance, heh heh) I take my knitting outdoors, settle in with a glass of ice tea or something stronger and a pile of pebbles, and periodically pitch one at a jay attacking the berries.

A northwestern variation on rock therapy....keeps me sane.

Glad to see your post and the comments that keep me hopefully checking this site every day

show me said...

So glad to know you are still among the living. I check your site everyday. Hands in dirt is always the best therapy. Here in Missouri we are having a monsoon summer so gardening is hit and miss.The poison ivy and japanese beatles love it, mosquitos are plentiful,my Don Juan climbling rose not so much!

Obama is becoming so transparent you can almost see through him and so boring, how many times can he give the same speech? I miss Hillary's can do so much!

Unknown said...

Hi Anglachel. While you were away I was reading some of your older posts. It would have been such a relief to have read your writing back in March. In fact I remember trying to find sites that were, at least mildly, sympathetic to Hillary but also analytical. I think your site is the only one, or my search skills are limited. You’re writing is really good and satisfying to read in hindsight. I also found myself studying McCain’s record. I’m in a weird place. I’m looking for rational reasons to vote for McCain. I commented somewhere that I thought that a vote for McCain was, in a sense, the ultimate rejection of Bush because of Obama’s insistence on presenting himself as a “leader with vision” coupled with his refusal to speak the nuts-and-bolts of policy with regular “folks”. Is it incompetence or is it strategy? Maybe it’s Jazz Hands! Whatever it is, it worked for George W., which is why I wonder if it’s about strategy. Anyway rocks are, well, solid.