Monday, May 11, 2009

What I Did on My Winter Vacation

Yes, I'm back. Not that I ever left, mind you, but I am back to do some blogging.

After the intense blogging of last year, I needed a break. My life was out of balance, so I did a lot of other things, very non-blogging, non-political kinds of things like watch a bunch of movies and TV shows I'd missed the first time around, collect a whole new set of recipies, put in herbs, walk all over the neighborhood, and build a few web sites.

I've also had my raise from last year rescinded in a company wide pay cut and am waiting to see what other measures may be needed to keep the company afloat. We have a good CEO and an excellent senior team who are working their butts off to keep everyone employed with benefits that are more than just window dressing.

I had a round with the flu a few weeks back, maybe even swine flu (I do live in San Diego), but have finally shaken that. The whole famn damily is doing well. Last week, we put geraniums into pots and put them on the front porch. The bright red blooms are neon against the yellow stucco.

So now I'm back to put blogging into the mix once more. Fewer posts, without a doubt. My goal is to keep up the political theorizing I began last year about the shifting cultural and political alignment of the nation, and how the netroots, even with Facebook and iPods thrown in, will not rescue the Republic.



Shainzona said...

"Yes, I'm back."

And there are a lot of us who couldn't be happier!!

Roxie Smith Lindemann said...

You had me worried there, Anglachel. I've been toying with the idea of doing a long post on the Disappearance (Due to Exhaustion) of the Solo Non-Obot Blogger Since the 2008 Election, and your prolonged absence was going to figure prominently in it. Happily, now I can go back to ranting about what a weenie Obama has turned out to be on LGBT rights -- as I predicted he would be all along.

Welcome back!

John said...

Woohoo! ...and just when I thought I'd need to find a new drug.

Koshem Bos said...

Resting is important but we still must have our brains as active as possible, it guarantees a better life and a longer span. Welcome back. We all need your unique theorizing.

First order to rescue the Republic is campaign funding. With the current system, Congress represents big business interests and those businesses almost killed us.

Palomino said...

Welcome back, Anglachel! Stay well.

Nina Miller said...

I am SO glad you are back.