Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's Wrong With the Hope Machine?

In case you haven't been reading your Doonesbury lately, Garry Trudeau has been cranking out a series of smart, wickedly funny comics on the fundamental disconnect between the hype and the reality of Obama. It started on Sunday:

Click for a larger image.

Monday - Talking to W

Tuesday - Talking to Bill

Wednesday - Reflections on the Nobel Committee

Trudeau perfectly captures the cognitive dissonance of The Precious in his plaintive/brutally honest line "What's wrong with the hope machine?"

And is answering his own question.


PS - Be sure to catch Trudeau's take on Roman Polanski when Boopsie gets asked to donate money to a Polanski defense fundraising dinner. Heh.


Unknown said...

I've been wondering what symbol he would use for Obama. Looks like a . . . nothing.


Koshem Bos said...

It's not funny or comic, it's sad for most and tragic to a vast minority. Some of us saw it coming 18 months ago when all the "smart" ones were drunk with enthusiasm. Democrats have endless propensity to choose dysfunctional candidates: Carter, Dukakis, Kerry and now Obama.

Unknown said...

I think you meant, 'Hype Machine...'.

Sportinlife10 said...

Nice to read, and while I trust Anglachel, where in the ___ has Trudeau been?
Is Obama so sancrosanct, as the fist (kind of) black Potus that he's off limits for major satirists like Trudeau?
What have I missed here?

Anonymous said...

This is not funny or humorous, sad and tragic for most of a large minority. Some of us saw it coming 18 months ago, when all the "smart" was drunk with enthusiasm. The Democrats tend to choose candidates endlessly dysfunctional: Carter, Dukakis, Kerry and now Obama.