Wednesday, January 25, 2012


There is a post brewing around here. Probably a couple of posts. Here's a little background reading for what is coming up.

  •  Modes of Reaction and Revolution - Pretty much misunderstood by everyone. If you don't get the difference between treating politics as a response to human nature and treating politics as a world historic unfolding (in short, Kant vs. Hegel), then you won't get almost anything I'll be writing this year.
  • Where Can I Piss? - My analysis about politics, power, institutions, and why the Stevensonian Left wanted to be conned by Obama.
  • Live By the Movement, Die By the Movement - Sean Wilentz's article that inspired the above analysis. As relevant today as when it was published.
  • The Obama Memos - Ryan Lizza's recent "expose" (and gutless waffling) of what kind of political actor Obama really is. I'm less interested in Lizza's confused proclamations than on the specifics of Obama's behavior.
  • What Future for Occupy Wall Street? - The most recent of Michael Greenberg's series on OWS in New York. He provides a sympathetic but ultimately critical, look at the efforts of OWS.

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Bob Harrison said...

I am looking forward to your posts.