Sunday, May 14, 2006

Call Him Al

The next president, that is.

Al Gore in 2008.

Why not? He won last time, too.

He invented the internets, knows more about global warming (and how to fight it) than any other public figure, is 100% trained for the job, opposes a surveillance state, and is respected around the world as an honest and intelligent man.

In the coming decade, it is not policy, but leadership that we are going to need. Now, Al's no slouch on policy (only out-wonked by the Big Dog, after all), but he has a vision, he knows where he wants to go, he harbors no illusions of what he's up against, and he's on his way.

Why will he win? Because he won't be campaigning. He'll simply say, "Take it or leave it, this is what you get."

Re-elect Al Gore in 2008 - integrity & leadership.


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