Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dead Girl or Live Boy?

Am I the only one thinking that the name "Gannon" may figure in here?

This thing is huge -- that's the word from Rick Gwin, the Pentagon's top investigator into the massive fraud perpetrated by former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham and his unindicted co-conspirators. He spoke with the North County Times yesterday:

"This is much bigger and wider than just Randy 'Duke' Cunningham," he said. "All that has just not come out yet, but it won't be much longer and then you will know just how widespread this is."

He also complained that Duke -- now serving an eight-year-and-ten-month prison term -- isn't helping like he should:

"In my opinion, he has not been cooperative and I have not gotten any information from him to further develop other targets," Gwin said in a telephone interview from his office in Mission Viejo. I was hoping that from a jail cell, he might become more cooperative, but we just don't have the cooperation that I think we should have."

Duke protecting someone very high up? Given the pathology of his closeted lifestyle, I'm guessing that there was homosexual prostitution going on as well, and people high up in the Rethug establishment are terrified of their own proclivities being exposed. Gannon/Guckert's activities in the White House have never been fully explained. Given the tighteness of the circles in which the corruption moved, it would be surprising if there wasn't a Gannon connection vis-a-vis the prostitution.

I'm curious to see just how far and wide the scandal will go.

The TPM Muckraker reporters are way ahead of everyone else on this, and are poised to earn themselves some well-deserved attention for the excellence of their work. If you don't regularly read that site, you're missing the best parts of the story.


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