Thursday, May 25, 2006

Oh, Cry Me a River...

The left blogosphere indignation over the NYT article doing a pre-emptive character assassination on Hillary Clinton has me wanting to throw things through their hypocritical windows.

The nastiest critics of Hillary are Atrios, Kos and all their little ass-kissing, enemies-list-creating neo-Naderite hordes. Or whores. Same difference.

Enough with the faux outrage. You know your first reaction was "Heh, no way that bitch is going to win now. Heh."

You have spent six years saying things no less insulting than Broder about Bill Clinton. What does Jane Hamsher sneeringly call him just a few days back? "Bubba" "The best Republican president in my lifetime." And so on. You're already talking about Gore as a loser and how you just can't be bothered to support someone like that.

You know, twice as smart and capable as you are, with a keen understanding of how to balance interests to achieve liberal goals?

You hold the Clintons in contempt just as much as MoDo, Broder, NYT and the rest of the Kewl Kidz. You are just as happy to bash center-left Democrats as Rush Limbaugh. You give no strokes for good behavior and heap scorn (and a wildly overrated book) on their heads from the comfort of your keyboards.

You are the left equivalent of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders. You even have the same targets.

So, save me the crocodile tears. You will be back to verbally raping Hillary on your blogs within 48 hours. You know you want to...


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