Sunday, May 21, 2006

Where Are the Ponies?

Larry Beinhart over on the Huffington Post sums it up beautifully:

“If someone is calling al Qaeda, we want to know about it.”

Yes, sir, you bet. Alright, General Hayden, you’ve been in charge of finding out if anyone is calling al Qaeda. You’ve spent hundreds of millions, maybe billions. You’ve built a data base to see if anyone is calling anyone who calls in a pattern that an al Qaeda member would call if he were making calls.

More gargantuan sums of money, time and effort.

Line ‘em up and show us the results. Let’s have the perp walk of all the al Qaedas, all the al Qaeda caller uppers you’ve located, investigated, caught, apprehended and brought to trial! With all this horseshit there must be a whole herd of ponies.

Get on the stand and regale with tales of success. Of plots thwarted. Of desperate measures intercepted. Of terrorists captured or killed.

Tell us how you’ve located Osama bin Laden.

It’s been over four and a half years. Unlimited budget. Unlimited military might. No visible moral constraints. Tell us how you’ve tracked him down, hung him high and busted up his ring!

Don’t tell merely that there have been no terrorists incidents since 9/11. It’s a lot tougher action to pull off since then, with every eye of every American, with all the airlines and airports and security companies, the local and state police, immigration and customs, all on alert. We don’t have to hear about all kinds of secret stuff you did to stop the next 9/11.

Let’s not bother with that namby-pampy wimpy liberal stuff about civil rights, the constitution and no one being above the law not even you and the president you rode in on. You’re argument is you gotta do what it takes and the ends justify the means and it is security that makes us safe to enjoy whichever liberties we have left that we would like to enjoy in moderation.

So, let’s take it on your terms. We see the horseshit. Show us the ponies.

Or admit that you have failed. Admit that all this effort and show and money, has bought us nought. Let us count the terrorists caught or interdicted. Let us see that it was only through your less than legal programs that we got them.

It can’t be that your success is just too secret to share. I expect that it’s your failures that hide behind the coy veil of national security.

With All This Horseshit

Exactly. The Cheney regime has had everything it could want to get Bin Laden and his band of thugs. Where the hell are the results? For this reason alone, these bastards deserve to be thrown out of office. When we start adding in all the other horseshit, they deserve to be charged with high crimes and misdemeanors.


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A date with KHAN said...

I came across your blog and was very interested in what you had to say. I totally agree with what you have said, since the world’s most powerful nation with the biggest military capacity went out to seek few people or modern day cave men, but there has been no results what so ever.

A while back I did some research into the so called Al Qaeda, who are they? What do they mean? From my analysis and conclusion I realised something very important. There is no such thing as Al Qaeda, this name is just the big boys in the air con office in the US gave to a bunch of men who they hate but at one point use to support them, train them and sponsors them to fight the mighty Russia during their invasion of Afghanistan.

That’s right Afghanistan, which is a place where the British have tried to rule, then came the Russians who were fought by the Afghanis sponsored by USA, history proves this. What better excuse could the US give to its nation to enter Afghanistan and change the society into death and destruction to obtain their own interests (natural resources).

Al Qaeda is a myth which is being fed to its nation and allies constantly to create fear, who would then under frustration give up their rights and give the green light for the US to become international thugs.

I remember hearing a story (with a moral) once just after 9/11. The story was about two brothers. One lived in UK called Pete and the other lived in Hong Kong called Mike. One day Pete decided to write a letter to his brother Mike (in Hong Kong), so off he went to the local library to write this letter. He sat down in a quite table and started writing. A good friend of Pete walked by, saw that Pete was writing a letter and with confusion he approached Pete and asked “Pete, what are you doing?”, Pete looked up and replied “I’m writing a letter to Mike my brother” which at that point Pete friend said “Erm Pete, you can’t right?”, Pete then replied “Does it matter my brother can’t read!”.

The bottom line and moral to this story was that Pete is like the US government writing what ever they want (even if it does not make sense) and then readers are reading their work but the readers have no clue (like Mike in Hong Kong) as to what they have wrote but yet accepting it since its come from the US government.

Al Qaeda does not exist and never will, but as long as US can keep this myth alive they can convince who ever they want to do what ever they want and to whom ever they want to. If Al Qaeda did really exist then as you said in your original post that we would have seen some results, real results convincing the people (and the world) that look we have captured these feared people, who have admitted to the 9/11 and yes they have also provided us with more information as to what’s coming up next. But unfortunately, till this day I have never seen anything as such happening, and I don’t think I ever will. Apart from some shady audio and video (poor quality) claiming attacks, where these messages seem to reach the US just before an election is due to take place and where George Bush popularity amongst its nations is at its very low.