Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What is There to Say, Really?

The Cheney administration is the Nixon administration on steroids - more secretive, more paranoid, more brutal, more arrogant, more dishonest, more of everything.

They have consistently exploited law, emotion, trust, money and power to expand their maniacal grab to control everything.

They arrest people without cause, send them to secret torture camps and brutalize them, including murdering them. They spy on ordinary Americans in their ordinary lives. They have yet to capture any significant terrorists, and have not done anything appreciable to defend endangered locations in the country, yet continually use the threat of "The terrorists are going to get you!" to justify their rule.

They abuse national intelligence to advance their political aims and to smear political enemies, even when doing so materially harms America. Valerie Plame was working on keeping nuclear material out of Iran, and now they have it, to name the most famous example. When their criminality is uncovered, they scream that the whistle-blowers are traitors and engage in more illegal surveillance to punish their critics.

They are looting the treasury, handing out federal contracts to felons and lackeys, and holding stupid publicity stunts like sending National Guardsmen to patrol one border until the November elections.

They aggressively try to militarize and nationalize police functions and advocate expanding the Secret Service into their own private federal police force.

They are, as Bob Herbert succinctly said in his latest column, totalitarians. They may not have been able to implement it completely, but that is their clear intent.

Isn't it ironic that the party of Reagan is the one trying to resurrect the shambling corpse of Joseph Stalin?

Isn't it disgusting that any American is willing to help?


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