Tuesday, April 15, 2003

All quiet on the protest front

Ah, yes, the yipping poodle-dogs of war seem to think that winning a ridiculous ground war against a pitiful and demoralized people somehow proves that they were right and war opponents were wrong. "We won!" you gloat.

I never said we would lose on the battle field, did I? Though I did make the case that our soldiers are in an increasingly untenable situation, being too few to police the nation, but unable to leave for fear of utter social entropy and implosion.

And now the administration is sabre rattling against Syria. Umm, guys? Would you like to pay attention to the domestic economy for a few minutes? Ah, but why should they since that is a losing election issue and killing dark-skinned people who pray to weird gods makes us feel manly and virile, like we just fucked a good looking chick or something.

The US has committed an incredible violation of international law, and all the average moron in America can comprehend is "But we *won*!" It will be interesting to see what happens in the next six months, as the true results of our incursion become known. Not that you will make a connection since you have no historical sense beyond the news clips on FOX from the last two hours.

This is so wrong on so many levels, with repercussions that won't be felt for months and years, and the average Yahoo Murrikan is Too Fucking Stupid to understand. And too self-obsessed to care. Now, now, does your dick feel bigger, harder, and more appreciated now that you've watched FOX news misreport everything and you can think your nation will simply butcher whomever they wish? Do you have a single clue that this act of military masturbation does nothing to address terrorism, international instability, or the proliferation of bio and chemical weapons? Does it occur to you that because the UN has been doing its job over the last decade, Saddam did not have these horrific weapons to use against my soldiers?

No, of course not. That would take thinking, and why think when you can listen to the talking heads preach violence against what ever offends you?

How's your job security, by the way? Received a raise lately? Have your benefits increased? Is the real, material well-being of you and your family more secure now than it was a month ago? A year ago? Before the chimp took power?

Of course, you can't think, so you can't figure that much out, either. You'll just blame someone else.


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