Saturday, May 03, 2003

The political front

Didn't think I'd forget about this, now, did you?

The Chimp-in-Chief and his handlers are spinning the "victory" in Iraq as though it was V-E day and bringing down the Berlin Wall all wrapped into one.

Meanwhile, the US economy continues to choke and flail.

I sit here and I scratch my head at the complete lack of any critical judgment on the current administration's brutalizing of the country and of the rest of the world. There really is no answer to the Media Whores who refuse to ask substantial questions, or to a citizenry who would prefer to be bullies than to have a future.

There was no need for the deaths of the US soldiers, and even less need for the deaths of the Iraqis, soldier and citizen alike. The administration can't make up its mind whether it wishes to abandon it all or be dictatorial overlords, suppressing religion, freedom of speech and self-determination. Of course, they get to do that at home, so perhaps the appeal isn't so strong to do so overseas.

Hey, any sign of those WMDs? No? Didn't think so.

The US attacked another nation for the purpose of giving the Chimp nice photo-ops for his re-election campaign. Think about it. Oh, and to enrich Uncle Dick & cohorts some more.

We are facing the most venal, most criminal, most self-interested administration in US history, and my average countryman is cheering them on to rape, pillage and plunder. When the last yahoo is downsized and tossed out on the street with no job, no medical insurance, no pension, no social security, no welfare, and no unemployment benefits, the moron will look around - and blame Clinton. 'Cuz Prince George is a good Christian who'd never do us wrong and wants America to stand tall.

Americans are SO fucking stupid.


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