Friday, May 16, 2003

Homeland Security

The airplane tracking capabilities of the Homeland Security Office have been used for the purposes of hunting down political opponents.

Hold on here.

What the hell is going on that the Republican party feels free to make use of policing functions of the state in order to enforce their political desires on dissenting officials in the other party?

HELLO? This is outrageous. The staffers of the office were tricked into thinking there was a true emergency - that the plane was missing, possibly due to a terrorist act - when all that was happening was Tom DeLay trying to force redistricting on Texas to increase Republican power in the national congress.

Read Talking Points Memo for a quick overview of the lies being tossed about to try to get out of this mess.

I wonder just how hideous a violation of privacy and law the current administration will have to commit before ordinary Americans will object. We've had our budget surplus ripped away and handed over to the already obscenely rich. We've been engaged in a war that was waged on the basis of lies. We have a "Patriot" act passed that makes presumptive criminals of us all (Proove you're not a terrorist!). And now the police apparatus of the state has been turned on public officials who were trying to prevent manipulation of voting.


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