Saturday, May 31, 2003

As predicted...

No WMDs. Not even a little one.

Spreading anarchy in Iraq. Looking more like Afghanistan with every passing day.

No Saddam Hussein. None of the wealth he looted from the country.

Afghanistan getting more and more mired.

Our allies becoming increasingly offended at cowboy, in-your-face "diplomacy".

Resentment against the US growing by the day in the Middle-east.

Al-Qaida going on strong. They're based out of Saudi Arabia, dudes. Get a clue.

The "War on Terror" being used as an excuse to take away ordinary citizen's privacy. The expansion of federal policing activities for political reasons.

The three largest economies in the world contracting and on the edge of serious recession.

The wholesale transfer of the wealth of the nation into the hands of the mega-rich.

A concerted attack to dismantle Social Security.

And the average schmoe in the street can't see further than FOX "News" flag-waving. We won! We won! We're number 1!

I hope folks like living in the late 19th century (but with remote controls!), because that is where our nation is headed - a two-tier nation of those who struggle on the bottom and those who live large on the top.

All hail the boy king.


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