Thursday, July 24, 2003

Say "Hi" to Strom...

Uday and Qusay Hussein, it appears, are DEAD.

If this is true, the world is a better place. Hey, you two psychopathic murderers, be sure to say "Hi" to Strom Thrumond in Hell as you go by. You two are going to a deeper circle, so I doubt you'll have much time for a chat.

Of course, now we've had three retaliation killings by their supporters. Or was it by the shi'ite resistence? Angry Kurds? Free floating mercenaries?

I hope the news is true and they are dead. I also hope their father is already dead. Even so, there is still no valid justification for this war, there is something really grotesque about going after individuals to rub them out (that's the modus operandi of dictators against oposition), and the deaths of these two, no matter how deserved, does not replace a multi-national peace-keeping force to bring civil order back to the country.

That would be the only good outcome to theis whole mess.


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