Friday, July 11, 2003

Told You So

Waaaaay back In LJ posts from a few months ago, I talked about how the US military would trample the forces of Saddam Hussein, and that we would get bogged down in a ghastly mess (Quagmire is too polite a term for it, how 'bout fuck-up?). I also spoke about how the reasons given for the war were false - Iraq was NOT an immediate threat to us, there were no ties to al Qaida, etc.

I was right, as was every commentator who said the same thing. We were derided in various forums, threatened with violence and harm for "undermining the President", and generally treated as enemies. OK, answer me this - why are service men and women dying in Iraq? Why are they being shot, bombed, and grenaded? Why are Iraqis by the millions at risk for disease and death due to the destruction of the war?

Because Duh-bya Shrub wants to be Prezzie for another term. Because the rabid, neo-fascist (No, Virginia, they are not conservatives, they are fascists.) mob that terrorizes the Congress and the nation have not yet reduced us to the condition of Franco's Spain, or of Pinochet's Chile. Because the richest sliver of population in the world wants MORE, MORE, MORE. That is why soldiers and civilians are suffering in Iraq right now.

The major media are finally getting some balls back and are saying what the ordinary thinking person has been screaming since last year - This war is a PR campaign by Bush & Rove.

Oh, and in other news, more people lost their jobs last month. It's the economy, stupid.


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