Friday, January 12, 2007

The Forever War

Back in September, I said that the Bush neocon thugocracy operates on the principle of End Times - impose your will and destroy what you can, because the Apocalypse will wipe out everyone anyhow.
You also have the case that these guys simply don't care if there is a future for anyone. "We'll all be dead," is the Chimperor's mantra, said with that smirk of his. These are people whose bad drug trips don't end because they don't need drugs to go on them anymore.
I had said that they had two agendas between now and when it came time to throw their sorry asses out of the White House - destroying Social Security and attacking Iran. The midterm elections have put the kibosh on the domestic agenda item, which has only intensified their lust for the latter objective.

The first round of reactions to the Preznit's sad-sack speech on Wednesday was ho-hum, nothing new. More careful analysis, particularly in light of the raid on the Iranian consulate in northern Iraq, is arriving at the conclusion that the "surge" has little or nothing to do with Iraq, and is the cover for an unauthorized assault on both Iran and Syria.

This is consistent with the neocon philosophy of Forever War, turning the nation into an attack machine that rolls over other nations for no reason save to do so, mobilizing paranoia and machismo among the populace to provide enough support to justify their continual condition of war. In this world view, "terrorism" is a *good* thing, as it keeps people in a heightened state of fear. They have no interest in actually being rid of bin Laden, indeed no interest in actually winning any contest because both of those acts would bring the reason for Forever War to an end.

Flynt Leverett, a former CIA and administration senior official who should know the thought processes of the goons occupying the White House, has this to say on TPM Cafe:
According to the President, the Iranians are providing "material support” to attacks on U.S. forces. That is a casus belli. It fits in with the administration’s escalating campaign -- encompassing rhetoric and detentions of Iranian officials in Iraq -- to blame Iran for a strategically significant part of the ongoing instability and violence in Iraq.
Click the link and read the whole thing. They are looking for a reason to engage Iran in war. In Condi Rice's appearance before Senate Foreign Relations Committee, she dismissed diplomacy as an option with Syria or Iran. This from our nation's top diplomat. The goal is to get into warfare, not prevent it.

They have only two years to make their war in the Middle East irrevocable, and they are determined to do it. The situation is only made worse by the fact that it is being done as much to attack Bush's critics in America as to advance the more general Apocalyptic desires of the neocon crowd. As I said in September:
It also infuriates the Chimp that people are already saying what an utter loser and fuck-up he is, and that he is held in contempt. Worst. President. Ever. He knows, down in that drug-damaged lump of cells that used to be a brain, that people are waiting for the day he is gone so that they can return to normalcy and try to undo the horrific damage he and his enablers have inflicted on the world.

And he's not going to let that happen. He will do everything in his power to commit the nation to an act of such irrevocable barbarity that his successors cannot even begin to restore the republic.
That is why, though the Chimperor is forging ahead with sending more American soldiers into the meat grinder, he is not really looking for a land war with Iran and Syria. Nope. Those soldiers are there to be targets for some kind of atrocity (and that will probably be ginned up, too) which will justify unleashing nuclear missiles on Iran.


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