Monday, January 15, 2007

HotK - Ch. 56: Patrimony

For the fanfiction readers, I have just posted a new chapter for Hands of the King, Ch. 56 - Patrimony Click on the story title to go to the overview, click on the chapter name to go to the chapter.

Single Denethor POV chapter. Warnings for threats and acts of violence and some "Eeew" factor moments.

Denethor must confront what he did to Finduilas, and it is not pretty. The world is changing around him in ways both marvelous and unsettling, and he becomes acquainted with his son. Umbar looms on the horizon. Denethor and Thorongil's alliance becomes more complex as they confront the rock-meets-hard-place nature of taking battle to the Corsairs. Denethor does something that sets in motion a cycle of revenge he will regret. Or not.

Significant scenes with Finduilas, Beregar, Thorongil, Aiavale, Brandir and others.


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