Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Commenting Rules on this Blog

I've posted this before, but it's been over a year and there are some new names showing up in the comments:
  • Comments on this blog are moderated. If you do not see your comment right away, it is in moderation. Please do not post the same comment more than once.
  • I have a life. Sometimes I can read comments in moderation very soon after they have been posted. Sometimes they will sit for most of the day or even a few days. Adjust your expectations accordingly.
  • If you don't see your comment, it means A) I haven't moderated it yet or B) I moderated it and rejected it.
  • I sometimes get way behind in moderating comments and I reject the entire batch to clear things out. Nothing personal. 
  • If you have put a hyperlink into your comment, I will hold that comment until I can take my time reading what is at the link.
  • If you state in the comment that it is not for publication, I will not publish it. In those cases, I recommend you use the contact link at the foot of the page instead of leaving a comment.
  • If you have said something that appears to be humorous, satirical, ironic, etc., and which could easily be misunderstood, I'm probably going to hold the comment until I can add a follow up or else not publish it. I may get the joke but I hate cleaning up after people who didn't.
  • Anyone who reads my comments can see that I'll approve and release stuff that I strongly disagree with as long as it is civil and thoughtful. Conversely, lack of civility or thoughtfulness, even when the commenter agrees with me, will earn a rejection.
  • If you are rude, TYPE IN ALL CAPS, look like you're getting into a pointless pissing match with another commenter, spam, or generally annoy me, you will be rejected.
  • I sometimes release comments that demonstrate the commenter is a moron. If you posted that comment and get ridiculed because you said something moronic, too bad. Think before you post.
  • Comments of the "I agree!" and "Me too!" variety probably won't be released.
  • I run this blog for my own purposes. I'm not here to promote your blog, support your cause, or otherwise make you happy. If I don't release your comment or add you to my blogroll or mention you in a post, that's life.
  • Comments that have nothing to do with the post will probably get deleted.
  • Sometimes I reply to you with a comment of my own, but I prefer to leave that area for you to voice your thoughts and respond to other commenters. After all, I have the blog itself for my own commentary.
In short, be civil, stay on topic, say something interesting or insightful or provocative without being antagonistic, and I'll release the comment.


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