Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How Indeed

Pat Lang of Sic Semper Tyrannis posts this today:
President Obama is a mystery. His enemies have never stopped claiming that he is secretly a Muslim and ineligible for the office of president because of his supposed foreign birth. His approval ratings are in the basement.  In response he travels to Indonesia for what he says is a kind of homecoming.  He gives speeches there about his outreach to Muslims and visits a mosque.  How did this man become president? He seems to lack any real "feel" for the political process in the US. He seems to want to be a statesman rather than a politician
I share Pat's puzzlement. There are any number of excellent evaluations of the mechanics and strategy of how Obama became president - see myiq2xu's post today The Obama Movement on Confluence - all of which are open for analysis.

What Lang points at is a variation on the how. Why did this person who does not appear to have a political bone in his body ever choose to pursue this office? It doesn't seem to be something he actually wants to do, laying the foundation for what has followed.

It is another facet of wanting to be a Democrat for a Day. He wanted to have the moment of attainment, and, that complete, now seems rather nonplused that he has to stick around and do something.



Koshem Bos said...

And I thought that Obama's behavior is rather common. I work with scientists who want to be scientists but have never try to tackle a difficult problem, a real one. This gap/chasm doesn't seem to bother them; they achieved the title "scientist."

Shainzona said...

I found ruddyturnstone's comments in your last post to be the best and most complete collection of Obama misrepresentations that I have read lately. I remember thinking each and every one of those things in 2008 - but it's been a while since I have seen them all put together so well.

The man stands for nothing. The man has accomplished nothing. He has been "present" and nothing more.

Who decided to foist this man off on the American public and who has been pulling his strings ever since.

Terri said...

Forgive me for being so cynical, but I have always thought he wanted the title, not the job.