Saturday, June 02, 2007

HotK - Ch. 64 - Forgive

HotKFor the fanfiction readers, I just posted a chapter for Hands of the King, Ch. 64 - Forgive. Click on the story title to go to the overview, click on the chapter name to go to the chapter.

2 of 2 Denethor POV. No warnings.

The shock of Umbar and Thorongil's departure are receding, while civil war has been averted. Denethor has time to reflect. How do you know if you love the right thing?

This is a quieter chapter than the previous few. It answers the question of what is in the last letter Thorongil sent to Denethor. It also puts in place a layer in Denethor's psychological foundation to create the person we meet in LotR. Both Laanga and the mariner have tried to warn him, but Denethor refuses to hear.

Significant scenes with Beregar, Laanga, Aiavale, Imrahil, Halmir and Ecthelion.

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