Saturday, June 09, 2007

HotK - Ch. 65 - Recovery

For the fanfiction readers, I just posted a chapter for Hands of the King, Ch. 65 - Recovery. Click on the story title to go to the overview, click on the chapter name to go to the chapter.

1 of 2 Finduilas POV. Small warning for discussion of uncomfortable topics.

The story picks up from Finduilas's POV on the same afternoon as the previous chapter ended with Denethor.

There is a lot of recovery going on. Recovering from a season of war, from Thorongil's departure, and from the threat of civil war. There is also recovering lost ground, usurped territory, and over-extended expectations. Most of all, there is recovering from the damage that this has inflicted on the hearts and psyches of the survivors.

The story within the story, of the downfall of Numenor, makes a significant reappearance. Finduilas's horror of the east has a deep foundation.

Major scenes with Brandir, Laanga, Denethor, Luinil, Adrahil, and Ecthelion. Minor appearances by many others.

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