Saturday, June 02, 2007

Status Quo

I haven't had much to say politically recently, mostly because there isn't much to say.

There is a lot going on, of course, but not much that needs analysis. The Cheney regime is running out of places to hide the bodies, the Democrats are settling in for several years of investigations, and the general population is finally catching on that just maybe this invasion shit isn't such a good idea. The rest is bubbles on the horse piss.

I still support Al Gore for president far more than any other candidate, and I still think that Clinton and Obama will make a great team in the White House. It looks like Clark has removed himself from consideration (Drat!) but this is someone to watch. He will play a role in the next administration.

What the national political scene comes down to is this: Dems have a slim majority in the Congress, not enough to really take on the Cheney regime. The public's opposition to the Iraq Waar is wide spread, but not very strong. Let another incident happen and opinion will invert itself. Given that, the Dems are right to focus on exposing the crimes and setting up the long term prosecutions than in trying for any showy confrontations, no matter how emotionally satisfying.

I read public opinion as "Don't start anything new," more than "Throw the bums out," which is the mistake the self-indulgent "liberal" blogosphere is making. The public is willing to wait for the end of the term, and expect the Congress to keep a short leash on the White House.

I think the most interesting long-term social trend I have read about is the growing divergence of the evangelical movement and the increased strength of more socially liberal congregations. The extremism of the fire-and-brimstone literalists is no longer playing so well, even in Peoria.

The conservative movement is reaching the end of of strength, but it is not clear what might replace it.


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