Friday, October 17, 2008

Democratic Women up for Election

Courtesy of Hillary, information and contribution links to Democratic women up for election:

Three Senate Challengers:

In North Carolina, Kay Hagan is running a great race and some polls even show her ahead. Kay will invest in helping families stay in their homes, reducing foreclosures, and finding innovative new ways to stabilize neighborhoods. She will seek public-private partnerships to renovate neighborhoods and turn foreclosed properties into affordable rental or ownership units.

Mary Landrieu has been working her heart out for the people of Louisiana, still focused on Katrina recovery three years later while her opponents are doing everything they can to knock her out of her Senate seat. Senator Landrieu is spearheading efforts to rewrite federal disaster laws, which are unsuited to deal with larger disasters like Hurricane Katrina and largely ignore communities that host disaster evacuees.

And Jeanne Shaheen is criss-crossing the battleground state of New Hampshire, working hard in a race that is one of our top pick-up opportunities. Jeanne and I both have a long record of advocating for expanding children's healthcare. While Governor, Jeanne launched the New Hampshire's Children's Health Insurance Program, which has provided affordable health insurance to tens of thousands of New Hampshire children.

Anglachel - I'd really love for Jeanne Shaheen to pick up John Sununu's old seat.

Running for Office for the First Time:

In Colorado, Betsy Markey is running against Marilyn Musgrave, one of the most conservative, anti-choice Republicans in Congress. She's facing a million-dollar attack plan from a GOP desperate to hold on to this seat.

In Pennsylvania, local businesswoman Kathy Dahlkemper has taken the lead in a race that many thought Democrats couldn't win. Her opponent, Republican Phil English, has held his seat since 1994.

Shelly Moore-Capito is the only Republican in West Virginia's Congressional delegation, and Anne Barth, who has worked for years with my Senate colleague and friend Robert Byrd, has the chance to make West Virginia a totally Democratic state.

Anglachel - Some new faces in the House would be a good idea, especially if we can replace wingnut Marilyn Musgrave with Betsy Markey.

Wes Clark is supporting women Democrats, too. He's one man who isn't afraid to promote women in the military or in politics.

3 Fighting Women

Gabrielle Giffords
Gabrielle Giffords is a first term Congresswoman running for re-election in Arizona's 8th Congressional District. Gabrielle's business experience has made her an effective leader, successfully pushing 7 bills and amendments into law while introducing over 20 pieces of legislation in the House. Her priorities include expanding health care for American families and promoting alternative energy research and development.

Gabrielle's a rising star in our Party, and we must keep her seat in Congress. But her race is one of the most competitive in the country, and she needs our help. The right-wing is pouring in national resources in an attempt to take back this seat. In fact, George W. Bush visited Arizona to campaign for her opponent earlier this summer, raising half a million dollars. Help Gabrielle fight back against the likes of George W. Bush.

Dina Titus
Dina has worked tirelessly on behalf of Nevada's most vulnerable citizens by promoting legislation that allows seniors and other Nevadans to purchase less expensive prescription drugs from Canada, mandates tougher penalties for criminals who commit identity theft, and increases penalties for offenders who perpetrate crimes against the disabled.

Her opponent, Jon Porter, has spent the last six years fighting for the Washington special interests. That's why he doesn't want to run on the issues and is up with the first negative ad in the race. I am asking you to join me and help Dina fight back.

Judy Baker
Judy Baker is running in Missouri's 9th Congressional District. It's a tough district with a partisan voting index of R+7, but her first poll shows her two points ahead of her opponent. This is exactly the kind of race the WesPAC community has made our specialty. We don't back down from the tough fights, and this is one of them.

Judy's experience saving rural health clinics and operating her own small business has made her a strong leader in the state legislature, where she has advocated for education and health care access. She stood up to the Republican governor's plan to cut 200,000 children and seniors off of Medicaid and voted to cut her own benefits instead.

The polls show Judy within striking distance of Republican Blaine Luetkemeyer. We need to help her make up the difference. Please contribute to Judy's campaign today!

Anglachel - Dina and Judy are two-fers. Electing them puts in a Democratic woman and takes out a Republican man. Not a bad exchange rate.

Put Democratic women into power at every possible opportunity.



Anonymous said...

I'm in the Washington 4th, and I really wish I lived in the 8th right now. Darcy Burner's a fantastic candidate who needs a lot of help. I'm not sure she's going to make it.

Shainzona said...

NO - not Gabrielle Giffords!

She's my rep and she endorsed Barack Obama before the primary after taking money from Pelosi's PAC. My district and my state voted for Hillary and Giffords went to the convention and voted first ballot for Obama.

There is a special place in hell for women like her. I've already phoned in a reservation for her.


DEM said...

I honestly don't understand why Darcy Burner (WA-08) isn't getting more support. Every time I get one of those HillPac emails without Burner's name in it, I grimace and have to suppress the urge to unsubscribe. Burner is a true progressive with a good chance of defeating Dave "W. Jr" Reichert. Share the love and spread the word.

cgeye said...

As for Betsy Markey, she was a crony of Sen. Salazar, and booted the durable, fighting Angie Paccione, who was fighting to replace Musgrave since the *last* election. Still haven't gotten an explanation worth a damn as to why the Colorado Dem machine -- job, schmob, she was gotten out of the way to make Salazar feel potent. Feh.